End segregation to stop cuts in the number of nurses

After speculation in recent days about health cuts, Alliance Chair Michael Long stated that to stop the number of nurses from being reduced, the Stormont Executive needs to save money that is wasted on segregation.

Castlereagh Councillor Michael Long said: “There absolutely is no need to reduce the number of nurses in Northern Ireland. To make efficiency savings the Stormont Executive should start ending segregation. There are tough times ahead however cutting the number of nurses here is simply wrong.

“Segregation is the elephant in the Executive meeting room. When they next meet they need to strongly examine ending division

“£1 billion is wasted every year on managing division. For example, why should there be two primary schools in small towns across Northern Ireland, when one integrated school would deliver the same service and save money.

“People are sick of the Executive being so out of touch. It’s time they realised that Northern Ireland needs a stable government, which responds to the public’s needs and builds a united community.”


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