Alliance slams cynical Ulster Unionists

Alliance Party MLA, Stephen Farry, has responded to the announcement that the UUP is to form a voting pact with Jim Allister’s extremist TUV for next year’s European Election by accusing of the UUP of cynical and unprincipled politics.

Dr Stephen Farry stated: “This deal with extremists is a cynical and unprincipled move on the part of the UUP. This move will be treated with horror within the moderate sections of the Northern Ireland electorate, and calls into question the UUP’s commitment to stability and progress here.

“The UUP is all over the place. Some days, they seem to want to reinvent the party as a moderate, constructive movement. On other days, they seem intent in reinforcing the most reactionary and backwoods voices in this society.

“In recent times, the UUP have courted the PUP while the UVF remained an active paramilitary organisation. Currently, they are supposedly trying to come to an arrangement with the Conservative Party. I wonder what David Cameron will make of this as he attempts to market a progressive image across the United Kingdom ?

“Most people will see this as rank opportunism. It will be difficult for people to put their faith in the UUP in the future. You can never be sure what will be getting.”


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