“Election should be about ending deadlock, not electing tribal champions”: Alderdice

North Down Alliance Party candidate David Alderdice has called on the electorate to vote on issues, not tribal champions.

Dr Alderdice stated: “Every recent election in Northern Ireland has turned into a selection of tribal champions. Irrelevant of who has been selected, this has resulted, time and time again, in deadlock.

“Instead of having yet another clash of ‘Unionist’ and ‘Nationalist’, I am calling on the voters of North Down to make this about people. People who want to end water charges. People who want free personal care for the elderly. People who want a better environment to live in.

“Together we can achieve this. But by voting for stalemate, people will get stalemate. Alliance is the only party that offers something really different, and has the influence and experience to deliver.”


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