Alliance the real alternative to the DUP: Close

Alliance candidate for Lagan Valley, Seamus Close MLA, has said that Alliance is the only real alternative to the DUP in his constituency and elsewhere.

Cllr Close, who is also standing for Lisburn City Council in Lisburn South, stated: “In this constituency as elsewhere the choice is between

stagnation and progress. Unionists have consistently delivered the former, Alliance has consistently offered the latter.

“People looking for a real alternative to Jeffrey Donaldson in Lagan Valley know fine well that it is not offered by an Ulster Unionist with no track record here whatsoever. Across Northern Ireland Ulster Unionists are proving themselves anything but ‘decent’, with a totally ineffectual campaign based on totally ineffectual policies.

“It is time for an end to the sectarian carve-up, it is time to reform the aspects of the Agreement that clearly haven’t worked — in short, it is time to get on with it. Only Alliance seriously offers that prospect, only Alliance offers a real way to end stagnation and to restore trust in our politicians.”


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