Ekin hits out at Dublin Road cash van robbers

Former Belfast Mayor, Tom Ekin has condemned a robbery which took place on the Dublin Road in South Belfast, and the incident which followed it. At around 05.30 this morning, robbers who tried to take money from a cash-in-transit van hit the security guard with their vehicle as the escaped the area.

The Alliance Party Councillor said: “I strongly condemn this despicable criminal act. Such criminality and wanton disregard for the safety of the security guard is absolutely disgraceful. The rule of law must be upheld and I hope that those who carried out this act are brought to justice swiftly and severely.

“There seems to be a spiralling of local crime levels in general, and I fear that this may continue unless political leaders get their act together, show positive and progressive leadership and get devolution up and running again in Northern Ireland.

Tom Ekin concluded: “I appeal to anyone with information on the incident to contact police immediately.”


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