Basic common sense required to end NI’s stray dogs shame

Alliance Assembly Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has said NI must get to grips with its stray dog problem, which shames our entire community.

The Strangford MLA stated: “We must act immediately to end the ‘quiet shame’ of stray dogs in Northern Ireland. The greatly disproportionate number in NI compared to Great Britain is not new, it has been like this for years, and we must act now to improve the situation.

“The services already exist to restrict this problem. I have been involved in campaigns at Stormont to promote veterinary services. If people are concerned about dogs producing unwanted litters, this can be dealt with easily.

“Most of all, what we need is common sense. Before getting a dog, people

need to be sure they will be able to look after it. Before allowing their dog to produce another litter, people need to be sure they have a home for each and every pup.

“This is something where every dog owner and dog lover has a role.”


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