Dunlop opposes lignite mine

North Antrim Alliance representative, Jayne Dunlop has expressed her opposition to the development of an open cast lignite mine and power station in Ballymoney.

“I have been opposed to the excavation of lignite in this area since I first realised that Ballymoney Power Ltd was committed to this project. The effects of an open cast mine have been well documented in the ‘Ballymoney Times’ over the last few weeks and it is obvious that many local people are vehemently opposed to it. Any benefits of the lignite project are far outweighed by its detrimental long-term effects on the environment and the community. Last week’s meeting with representatives of OFREG, the Planning Service and other government departments was both informative and reassuring. It was made clear that there are several stages involved in gaining licences that Ballymoney Power has to go through before a mine can go ahead so there is a possibility that the project could falter during the process. However it is important that public pressure opposing this mine is maintained so that the Planning Service and government officials are aware of all the reasons why this project must not be pursued.”

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