Dunlop backs restrictions on Ballymena nationalist parade

Ballymena Alliance representative, Jayne Dunlop, has backed a Parades Commission decision to restrict a nationalist parade due to take place in Ballymena on 9 August. The parade has been confined to Fisherwick Crescent and the accompanying band is only allowed to play a single drumbeat.

Jayne Dunlop said: “While I would have preferred that in the current climate, the parade would not have been permitted, I welcome the restrictions passed on this parade, as it has very little support locally.

“Last year we saw high levels of tension and unrest after this parade, so hopefully the Parades Commission ruling will ensure a peaceful scenario this year.

Jayne Dunlop concluded: “I call on all political representatives to continue the work already done to decrease tension, and I hope that these good relations will provide a stable and peaceful future for the area.”


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