Dublin riot illustrates scourge of sectarianism

Dublin riot illustrates scourge of sectarianism

Alliance Leader David Ford has condemned those responsible for the Dublin riots, and stated that they show once again the need to promote the politics of bringing people together over the politics of driving people apart.

David Ford stated: “I utterly condemn those responsible for the attacks on police in Dublin. Such actions prove the illiberalism which still lies at the heart of our society.

“Once again we may expect another round of the ‘blame game’ from Northern parties, with all sorts of wild and wonderful explanations about how ‘our side’ was right and the ‘other side’ was wrong. Yet what do they plan to do about the divisions in our society which feed the sectarianism upon which these riots are based? What will they do to abandon segregation in our education system, health centres and leisure facilities? How will they prepare people to be responsible and stop basing their politics upon a one-sided version of history in which one ‘side’ is entirely innocent and the other ‘side’ entirely guilty?

“There is a palpable sense of shock and bewilderment about these riots. However, unless we remove the poison of sectarianism from our society, and from our politics, such appalling behaviour will remain commonplace.”


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