Don’t forget UVF Guns says Alliance

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has expressed caution at the decision of the Secretary of State to despecify the UVF without exerting pressure for the decommissioning of their weapons.

Stephen Farry stated:

“Alliance does welcome the increasingly positive reports from the IMC and others regarding the end of paramilitary activities by the UVF.

“However, it must not be overlooked that the UVF have not decommissioned their weapons, and have ruled out dealing with their weapons in an open and transparent manner through the offices of the Decommissioning Commission.

“It is not sufficient for the UVF to manage these weapons on their own terms. Their continued existence poses an ongoing danger and threat.

“It is important that both the British and Irish Governments and local parties do not lose sight of this imperative. I am really concerned that sufficient pressure is not being brought to bear in seeking the proper decommissioning of outstanding weapons.

“Ultimately, I fail to understand the relevance of a ‘non-military civilianised role’ for the UVF. Ceasefires must mean more than an end to attacks on the so-called ‘other side’ of the community. There must be an end to all involvement in paramilitary policing and social control of areas.

“As with the IRA, the wider community expects all paramilitary organisations to be fully stood down and disbanded.”

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