Don’t buy quads for Christmas unless kids are supervised

Carrickfergus Alliance Councillor Stewart Dickson has called for consideration to be given to stricter regulations for those buying quad bikes and said parents buying them as Christmas presents for children must supervise them when they are being used.

Cllr Stewart Dickson said: “Children should never use quad bikes on the street. They are a very dangerous present for a child unless parents are willing to supervise their use. Even when children are supervised, parents must still ensure that all safety gear is worn and that they are only driven in off-road areas. Also, in using them off-road, people need to gain the consent of the landowner.

“It’s obviously not illegal to buy them or sell them, but we do need to consider much more stringent rules on how they are sold. The details of the buyer should be kept and passed on to the authorities so that they can contact them to give safety advice and their sale can be regulated.

“The police should be considering impounding quad bikes if someone is consistently caught using them unsafely or illegally.”


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