Donnan highlights LGBT History Month

Alliance Castlereagh East representative Stephen Donnan has highlighted the work of the LGBT History Month. It takes place every February in the UK in which events are organised throughout the UK to celebrate the lives and achievements of the LGBT community. For more information, please visit

Stephen Donnan said: “LGBT History Month takes place every February in the UK. It is a fantastic way to promote equality and provides an opportunity for us all to learn about the history of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people.

“I would like to pay tribute to those involved in all the events right across the UK. It is through these types of awareness raising events that we can create a more welcoming and open society for LGBT people.

“In the past year there have been a number of legal rulings in favour of the donation of blood by gay men and the adoption of children by civil partners. While I welcome the introduction of the adoption ruling, I am disappointed that action has not been taken to end the blood ban for gay men. I hope the Health Minister will take urgent action to adhere to the court ruling on this issue without further delay.”


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