Donaldson murder brings issue of trust to forefront – Campbell

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has said that the murder of leading former Sinn Fein member and admitted British Spy Denis Donaldson suggests to many that Sinn Fein may ultimately not be serious about ending violence for good. He said it brings the issue of trust sharply into focus.

Cllr Campbell stated: “This was a brutal murder which could have been easily predicted. The fact that it has occurred such a short time after Donaldson’s exposure as a spy will suggest to most people that Republicans are prepared to take the political consequences as long as they were avenged for his perceived disloyalty to their movement. Many will find it very hard to accept at face value claims that no elements of the IRA had ‘any involvement whatsoever’ in Mr Donaldson’s death.”

“Those who continue to support parties not clearly committed to the rule of law and not clearly committed to accepting the illegitimacy of terrorism are supporting violence as a way of life. We must avoid rushing to political judgements, but the ongoing preference for parties wedded to violence will make political progress increasingly more intangible.

“I condemn this barbaric murder unreservedly.”


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