Assets Recovery Agency funding boost a step forward – Campbell

The Alliance Party has welcomed the Government funding boost given to the Assets Recovery Agency.

Newtownabbey Councillor Tom Campbell stated: “The Assets Recovery has been highly successful in seizing assets accumulated as a result of ill gotten gain. I am delighted that the ARA is now going to be allowed to use a proportion of the assets recovered from criminals to continue the fight against crime whether organised or not. It is ironic but appropriate that

the proceeds of crime are now to be used in the fight against crime.

“Most people here cheer on the Assets Recovery Agency in its work against those who have accumulated criminal assets. For far too long terrorists and other criminal elements have felt that they were untouchable or that they could place their property with relatives to avoid seizure. It is clear that the ARA has been highly effective in seizing such assets but the balance of the money after ARA expenses is taken account of should be clearly used and seen to be used to help the victims of crime or to help the work of local charities here.”


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