Dog friendly Belfast plans move ahead

Plans to make Belfast a more dog friendly city have moved a step closer, thanks to Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown.

Details of an opt-in badge scheme – supported by hospitality Ulster – were revealed on Tuesday night, opening up many locations once closed off to man’s best friend, transforming the experience of dog owners across the City.

Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown said: “I’m delighted to see the backing I have received, for an idea that came to the fore when I made one of my better decisions and became a dog owner. It’s fantastic to see how far this report has progressed already and ultimately I want to see a badging scheme fully implemented at the end of this process.

“Taking this project to the next stage will allow the Council to have more engagement on this issue, ahead of rolling out the opt in badge scheme, including educating local businesses on how they can avail of the scheme and the methods they have at their disposal to promote it.

“There is a real community that exists amongst dog owners – something Seb and I have enjoyed exploring – and coupled with the physical benefits to a more active lifestyle and mental wellbeing, it’s clear this move will have a major impact on the daily interaction many dog owners experience.

“I want to thank hospitality Ulster for backing the scheme and for the work they will put in to promoting it alongside the Council. Dogs bring companionship, comfort and joy to many; let’s make it easier for owners to enjoy everything Belfast has to offer.”

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