Armstrong welcomes publication of integrated transformation guidance for schools

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has welcomed the publication of guidance for schools seeking to change to integrated status.

Transformation is the name given to the process where a school becomes integrated. Advice is given from the Department of Education on how to plan for it, the legal and administrative requirements, and the help available.

Ms Armstrong, who was in the process of bringing a Private Member’s Bill on integrated education before the collapse of the Assembly, said it was a positive move.

“It is good to see the Department’s Permanent Secretary taking forward something a succession of Ministers failed to promote and prioritise. This was despite the Department’s statutory obligation to encourage and facilitate integrated education, which a vast majority of people here believe is a vital part of creating a united community.

“Transformation is still a complicated process and should be streamlined to enable more parents to achieve integrated education for their children. If we are to have a Northern Ireland where everyone is respected, we need to start by respecting parents’ wishes to have their children educated together.

“Alliance is completely committed to integrated education and its ethos. As soon as an Executive can be formed, I will resubmit my Private Member’s Bill to help make sure it is future-proofed for generations to come.”

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