Dixon welcomes programme to help tackle unemployment in Craigavon

Alliance Craigavon Councillor Conrad Dixon has welcomed the new programme by the Department of Employment and Learning to tackle unemployment problems in the area by promoting job opportunities in the retail sector. The programme called ‘Passion for Retail’ is part of the Department’s Steps to Work scheme.

Cllr Conrad Dixon said: “This programme is a result of co-operation between the Department, Council and local organisations. It shows what can be achieved when different organisations and groups work together from both the private and public sector.

“Many people have found it hard to get back into employment but successful schemes like this could help provide the skills and guidance to enable them to have a better chance of getting a job. The skills and training that they will acquire from this programme could make the difference between getting a job or not.

“I would like to wish all those who are participating in this scheme the best of luck. I also would like to congratulate all those groups and organisations who agreed to work together to get this scheme going.”


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