Discussion document would help talks progress

ALLIANCE Leader David Ford has said that the Government should try to ensure the Leeds Castle talks are not undermined by lack of progress by giving the parties a discussion document on arrival.

Mr Ford stated:

“There have been enough delays without creating more. As time at Leeds Castle will be so short, I would call on the Government to have something prepared in advance to hand to the parties before they come over the drawbridge.

“Obviously, such a document will have sections that require debate, and will require some amendment. But there is a real need to get things moving quickly, so that these talks will not be undermined by those usually committed to delay and fudging.

“If the Government is serious about achieving progress by the weekend, it should call the bluff of those parties that have obstructed progress and give them a document in advance that can be worked on in the talks. If we don’t have a starting point, we will never reach the finish line.”

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