How much our water rebate? CLOSE

With today’s announcement that the Government plans to charge an average of £315 – £415 per household for water and sewerage services, Seamus Close MLA, Alliance Spokesperson for Finance, has demanded a rebate for domestic ratepayers, as they already pay a significant contribution towards water.

Seamus Close said:

“Ratepayers in Northern Ireland already pay for their water and sewerage services through the regional rate. With this new charge that the Government is to introduce, I am calling for a rebate for those who already contribute towards the cost of water.

“The Minister has been very quiet about what proportion of our rates pays for water, and what this additional money charged will actually provide.

“A European directive demands that households make an ADEQUATE contribution to the water and sewerage service. It doesn’t mean it has to be self-financing, which is what the Government is obsessed with forcing upon us.

“With the introduction of these new charges, if there is no rebate in our regional rate, then Northern Ireland ratepayers will simply be paying twice.


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