Dickson welcomes Power NI price cut

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson MLA, has welcomed the decision of Power NI to reduce their prices by 9.2% from the 1st April.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “After years of eye-watering price rises, this is excellent news for Power NI customers, and a price cut that will make a real impact on household bills. The public are seeing cuts in prices at the petrol pump, and I am sure that they will welcome this announcement from Power NI about their electricity costs. It is unfortunate however that Power NI did not bring in this price cut sooner, to help alleviate energy costs during the peak winter period when consumers are using more electricity and therefore spending more of their income on electrical energy; which is of course more challenging for those in Fuel Poverty.

“It is very important that energy firms pass on any cuts in oil and gas prices to customers. While this can take time as firms buy oil and gas months in advance, they must make every effort to ensure that customers secure their share of any savings as early as possible.

“This decision from Power NI follows a similar cut by Budget Energy and I hope that all remaining energy firms will soon make such announcements. I note with concern however that although petrol, heating oil and electricity prices are tumbling, natural gas prices have remained stubbornly high. I would therefore call upon the Enterprise Minister and the Energy Regulator to look into the pricing transparency of the gas market, to ensure that falls in wholesale prices are passed on, and the consumer gets the best deal possible.”


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