Dickson welcomes Early Conciliation move by Department

Alliance Economy spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed a move by the Department for the Economy to introduce Early Conciliation in employment disputes here from the end of this month.

Conciliation is a voluntary process designed to find a mutually agreeable solution to workplace disputes where someone has or could make a claim to an employment tribunal.

“As a former senior employment relations officer at the Labour Relations Agency (LRA), I welcome this initiative,” said Mr Dickson.

“The LRA has a substantial range of dispute resolution tools available to employees and employers, and this move will add to that. Therefore the financial costs can be reduced and even eliminated.

“By demonstrating a good labour relations record, we can help entice much-needed foreign investment to Northern Ireland. I hope this process will add to that and I would encourage both employees and employers to familiarise themselves with the new system.”