Dickson: Those behind Derry attacks must stop

Alliance Justice Spokesperson Stewart Dickson has condemned the use of a hoax device to hijack a second van in Londonderry on Thursday night.

A delivery driver was stopped by two unknown men in the Creggan area of the City, when the hoax device was placed in the vehicle. The incident follows a similar scenario on Wednesday afternoon when a lorry driver was ordered to drive a suspicious object to Strand Road Police Station.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “This kind of disruptive behaviour must not be allowed to continue and I am appalled by those orchestrating it.

“While both these devices were finally declared a hoax, they still caused major disruption and undue fear and stress for the individual drivers and the many other people forced to evacuate their homes.

“I want to commend everyone involved in bringing both incidents to a natural conclusion – especially the swift actions of both drivers. I hope they are recovering from their ordeal.

“I would appeal for anyone with information to come forward immediately. Those behind these incidents must not be allowed to drag Northern Ireland back to the past. Together we can build a better shared Northern Ireland, free from intimidation and fear.”

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