Dickson says Regional Development Minister must ensure agencies are prepared for any extreme cold weather

Alliance Regional Development spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said that the Regional Development Minister must have a plan in place to ensure that the relevant agencies are well prepared to deal with any extreme cold weather this winter. Stewart said the Minister must communicate with the public to show that these agencies are prepared.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I think everybody can agree that two years ago our agencies were very poorly prepared to deal with the extreme cold weather that affected nearly all of Northern Ireland.

“The extreme cold weather badly affected so many people that we cannot allow it to be repeated. There was a lot of confusion over who was responsible for gritting roads and footpaths or over liability for the public who clear the footpaths outside their homes.

“The Regional Development Minister must provide clear and concise information to the public to reassure them that all the agencies and organisations are fully prepared for any possible extreme weather this winter. I have heard very little from the Minister about any plans or preparations to deal with any potential extreme cold weather, so I hope that it is the case that work is going on behind the scenes and that it just has not been communicated to the public yet.

“We must ensure that the chaos that we witnessed two years ago is not seen this winter.”


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