Dickson says public have lost patience over Ulster Bank

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA has hit out at Ulster Bank after they have said it will be a further two weeks before the systems problem is solved. Their latest announcement follows several earlier incorrect claims that they would have had it fixed shortly.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I like many Ulster Bank customers have been greatly angered by the inability of the bank’s management to correctly tell the public when this problem will be fixed.

“I have lost count the number of times that they have claimed that it would be fixed within a couple of days or within the week, only for them to claim that it will take them another few days or another week to solve it. The public are losing patience with Ulster Bank over this fiasco and I can no longer believe that anything they say is true.

“Considering that other banks in the RBS network have provided far better support to their customers, I believe that there are serious questions that Ulster Bank have to face. Somebody must ultimately be held to account for this disaster.

“I will be looking to meet local management to see exactly what they are doing to ensure that customers are getting all the information they require and what they will be doing to review what went wrong with how they have handled this problem.”


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