Dickson says coal price hike could cause more fuel poverty problems

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has expressed deep concern at reports that coal prices here are set to rise by 4% to 10% next month, saying that it could increase problems regarding fuel poverty. He said fuel poverty can be a matter of life and death and it is crucial that the energy affordability issue is addressed.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I am extremely concerned at these reports. We are experiencing what appears to be a very troubling trend as regards some heating and energy prices. Last week, a significant price rise was announced by Power NI and now we hear about possible rises in coal prices.

“This is a very worrying time for households as many people are struggling to pay bills.

“The challenge is to make energy more affordable and it is crucial that government looks at new ways of addressing the energy issue. A key part of this is the further promotion of the use of renewable energy, home insulation schemes and community purchase schemes. Only around 5% of homes here use coal as their only source of heating but they may be some of the most vulnerable people in our society. In addition many people use coal as well as their oil fired heating system and a move like this could have a massive impact on households in our society with low incomes.

“We are moving ever closer to winter and if it anywhere near as cold as the last one, this could pose many problems for households.

“Fuel poverty really is a matter of life and death and this challenge must be met head on by government.”


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