Dickson raises concerns over Castlederg republican parade

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has raised concerns over a parade due to take place in Castlederg on Sunday 11th August.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I am concerned about the aim of this parade. While people have a right to parade and commemorate their history, there should not be any attempt to glorify terrorism. This would contravene the 2000 Terrorism Act.

“The language being used about shared spaces in relation to this event is very worrying, particularly the arguments made by some that the parade is acceptable because of the identity of the local population.

“We need to avoid slipping into the mind-set that some areas are shared spaces where greater sensitivity needs to be shown, as opposed to other areas that belong to a particular group, and where certain behaviours are more acceptable.

“This parade has demonstrated why we must address the legacy of the past. We cannot continue to ignore the issue. The upcoming talks chaired by Richard Haass will provide an opportunity to resolve these issues. I hope that there will be meaningful engagement from all sides to achieve a positive outcome.”


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