Dickson praises Justice Minister’s work for victims of crime

Alliance Justice spokesperson, Stewart Dickson MLA, has praised the work by the Justice Minister to support victims of crime. David Ford launched the Victims Charter at Stormont on Wednesday morning.

The Victim Charter advises victims of crime about their entitlements and the standards of service that they can expect to receive when they come in contact with the criminal justice system. The Charter is one of the commitments in the five year Victim Strategy ‘Making a difference to victims and witnesses of crime – Improving access to justice, services and support’.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I welcome the work by the Justice Minister in delivering this victims charter. It is further evidence of his commitment to support victims of crime.

“This charter will ensure that victims are clear about their rights and have access to information about the progress of their case. It is very helpful in explaining the different stages of the criminal justice process and will be very useful to victims as their case goes through the system.

“This charter will help ensure that victims receive a high quality service which is tailored to their individual needs.”


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