Dickson opposes ‘overwhelming’ development on Jordanstown campus

Alliance East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson has spoken of his strong opposition to the development of 600 homes on the Jordanstown University of Ulster campus.

Speaking at a preliminary meeting of the Antrim and Newtownabbey Planning Committee, Mr Dickson made an official objection, saying the planned 600 houses for the site would be “overwhelming” for the local community.

Mr Dickson said: “That amount of houses in a tight corner of the university site causes concern to residents. It’s bitterly disappointing a university which prides itself on turning out architects and town planners has failed to leave behind a legacy project.

“I would have been delighted to sit down to discuss an eco-village or legacy project on this site, but this is accounting-driven.”

Mr Dickson also raised concerns about access to the site via the Jordanstown and Shore roads, and over the provision of places for the children of the residents in local schools and nurseries.

“Put simply, this development is inappropriate and would result in a massive population increase in Jordanstown by more than a quarter. If you take the Northern Ireland average household size of 2.5 people – the infrastructure and services of the area will not be able to cope.

“I hope the University of Ulster will reflect on the serious concerns put forward by objectors at this meeting, and withdraw their proposals. It should seek to leave a legacy at Jordanstown, not a crowded, faceless development with poor social and environmental sustainability, developed by an accountant rather than an architect.”

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