Dickson once again disappointed at lack of Assembly business

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA has expressed his disappointment at the lack of Assembly business at the start of the new session. The first two weeks of business are dominated by Private Members’ Motions which are not binding on any Minister.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Given that we are now over two years into the Assembly term, I am disappointed at the lack of meaningful Assembly business.

“The Assembly should be debating a wide range of legislation to help deliver better public services. In contrast, we will discuss a number of motions that seek to relive the negative events of the summer instead of looking ahead to building a better future for everyone.

“There are several pieces of legislation that are currently being held up in the Executive and are worthy of discussion, such as Local Government Reform, a Sexual Orientation Strategy and the Education Skills Authority.

“The Assembly needs to step up to the mark and start to deliver better results for the people of Northern Ireland.”


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