Dickson criticises Paisley comments on Dublin and Monaghan bombings

Alliance Justice Spokesperson Stewart Dickson has criticised comments made by former First Minister Ian Paisley about the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

Mr Dickson said there was absolutely no justification for Mr Paisley’s comments and has called for him to retract the suggestion the Irish Government brought the attacks on themselves.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “For former First Minister Ian Paisley to suggest the Irish Government brought on a terrorist atrocity is absolutely unbelievable.

“The lives of innocent people were lost in a terrible terrorist attack – an event which can never be justified. As we seek to move forward in building better relationships with our neighbours, these latest comments from the former First Minister do nothing but remind us of the dark days of the past.

“It is known the UVF was behind these attacks which claimed the lives of 33 people and the onus is now on the DUP to clarify its position beside that of its former leader.”

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