Dickson concerns over casualty waiting hospital fines

Carrickfergus Alliance Councillor Stewart Dickson has expressed concerns over plans for fines for hospitals regarding casualty waiting times, saying it appears more like some kind of strange revenue raising measure than one which will enhance patient care. Fines will be imposed to hospitals if people have to wait more than 12 hours for treatment at casualty.

Cllr Stewart Dickson said: “I have no confidence that this type of measure would, in the long-term, improve the level of patient care. These measures give me great cause for concern.

“The proposed fines would kick in after 12 hours in casualty. This is an inordinate length of time and it would be an intolerable situation for anyone having to wait this length of time. Our healthcare staff do an excellent job in often difficult conditions and we need positive incentives for improvement, not arbitrary fines.

“This appears more likely to be a revenue raising measure rather than one that will enhance patient care and that is rather troubling. People’s health has to be the top priority not some kind of fine-based box ticking exercise.”


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