Dickson challenges Sinn Fein’s commitment to finding justice for Paul Quinn

Alliance Justice spokesperson, Stewart Dickson MLA, has challenged Sinn Fein on their response to the murder of Paul Quinn in 2007. Mr Dickson was speaking ahead of an Assembly debate calling on the republican leadership to provide any information and condemned the Sinn Fein response to this case.

Mr Quinn was lured to a farm in Tullycoora, County Monaghan, in October 2007 where he was set upon by a group of men brandishing iron and nail-studded bars. Nearly every major bone in his body was broken during the attack. He was taken to hospital but died a shortly time later.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I would like to again express my sympathy and that of the Alliance Party to the family and friends of Paul Quinn and our admiration for the bravery and courage they have shown in the face of the despicable murder of their loved one and everything that has followed. I hope that the police services on both sides of the border have success in getting justice for Paul Quinn and his family.

“Sadly, a question hangs over one party’s commitment to pursuing justice in this case. When an Independent Monitoring Commission report says that Provisional IRA members were involved in the murder, it seems absurd for Sinn Fein to seriously contend that no-one in its organisation knows who is responsible.

“To make things worse for the family, Sinn Fein representatives have branded Paul Quinn a criminal. Only a court can make such a judgement about a person and so it would be better for Sinn Fein to channel its energy into ensuring that all its members with any information about this case have contacted the police.

“Sadly in this, as in so many other cases like it, is the stock in trade response of Sinn Fein. Always trying to blacken the name of anyone who may cause the organisation embarrassment or raise difficult questions. They have a sick track record of blaming the victims rather than delivering the perpetrators to the police.

“There is clearly a strong feeling within the community that members of Sinn Fein have not disclosed everything they know about the murder of Paul Quinn. In the interests of justice, that needs to change.”


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