Devolution deal must be done to boost local economy

Speaking from St Andrews, Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has demanded that a devolution deal be done in order to boost the economy and benefit people in Northern Ireland. He stated that people and businesses in Northern Ireland endured extremely difficult times during the troubles and deserve to reap the rewards of a new era of peace and prosperity. His comments come as the St Andrews talks to broker a devolution deal continue.

The Strangford Assembly Member stated: “We need to broker a deal in order to boost the local economy. We need a deal to be able to give the people of Northern Ireland the full benefits of the peace dividend.

“The restoration of devolution will attract major investors to the region and create new jobs.

“For too long Northern Ireland has been the poor relation in the UK. For too long local people and local businesses have suffered at the hands of the paramilitaries. They deserve to reap the rewards of a lasting peace. A deal must be done to let us move into a new era of peace and prosperity. We must be allowed the chance to flourish and only devolution can deliver that chance.

“Everyone is sick of the tribal parties blocking progress on restoring the Assembly. The time has come for them to stop wasting time and start making progress to benefit everyone in Northern Ireland.”


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