Delegation urges British Government to convene talks process

An Alliance delegation has met with the Secretary of State to encourage the British Government to convene an urgent talks process.

Speaking after meeting with Theresa Villiers today (Thursday), Alliance Leader David Ford said important questions still needed to be answered relating to any discussions that will take place.

“Most importantly, we need to ask how we provide a stable environment in which talks can take place. But also we need to see how quickly we can get them off the ground and also what the agenda of any talks will be, as many issues are currently on the table.

“The Executive is stumbling from one crisis to another due to major infrastructural problems, while public confidence continues to erode and problems between parties are magnified. No longer can a sticking plaster approach be the answer – only a stable government which delivers will regain the faith of the public.

“The Assembly is in an unstable and uncertain period, and we need to see talks with a focused deadline proceeding as soon as possible. We need to engage and Alliance is ready to do that. We will not walk away from a debate or for the chance to act in the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland.”

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