Alliance secures East Belfast recycling bins

Alliance has secured the successful installation of new recycling bins in the East Belfast area.

Local MLA Judith Cochrane and Councillor Mervyn Jones obtained the bottle bank on the Gilnahirk Road to help residents who had been moved from Castlereagh Council to Belfast Council under the recent review of public administration, losing their glass collection services in the process.

Some locals had expressed concern over the potential locating of the bins but following a public meeting convened by the Alliance representatives, an acceptable location was agreed.

“Alliance pushed for this recycling facility and informed residents about it every step of the way, from the community meeting to a letter drop with further details keeping them up to date,” said Ms Cochrane.

“People were grateful for the opportunity to communicate their views directly and obtain answers to their questions. These bins were needed in the area following the switch between the two Councils resulting in a loss of some services and we are thankful to Belfast City Council for listening to the concerns, taking them on board and sourcing a convenient location for them.”

“Recycling should be a priority for everyone,” added Councillor Jones.

“Not only does it protect the environment, but can help people save on their household bills. The more that is recycled, the less that goes into landfill. Therefore less cost goes to the local taxpayers.

“I welcome the installation of these bins, as they will encourage an increase in recycling across the local area. Everyone can make a difference when it comes to recycling and these bins are the perfect way to encourage people to do just that.”

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