“‘Decent people vote UUP’ campaign deeply offensive”: Long

Alliance candidate in East Belfast, Naomi Long MLA, has stated that the latest campaign effort of the UUP, which states that “decent people vote

Ulster Unionist” is grossly insulting to the majority of the people in her constituency, who do not.

Naomi Long stated: “To claim that the UUP have any kind of monopoly on decency, would be laughable if it were not so offensive. This is the latest in a series of own-goals by the UUP, in a campaign which increasingly has more than a whiff of desperation about it. First we had the dismissive insult dished out to people who worked in and attended non-grammar schools, then we had the “It’s not fair” sectarian whinge-fest, where they attempted to tribalise even taxation, and now we have the clear inference — if you do not vote UUP you are somehow ‘indecent’.

“At the last Westminster election in east Belfast, the UUP polled less than a quarter of the votes cast — are they seriously suggesting that over 75% of east Belfast people have no decency? This is a gross insult, demonstrating the kind of smug arrogance that will ultimately be their downfall.

“Politicians and political parties should be convincing people to support them based on their policies, their record of work in the constituency and their reputation. I am confident that I, and my Alliance colleagues, can campaign positively on our record — we don’t need to stoop to demonising and ridiculing voters to do so.

“People I have spoken to on the doorsteps have been angered and offended by this desperate attempt by the UUP to in some way shame people into supporting them, and I am confident that they will pass judgement on it come polling day.”


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