Alliance reaffirms support for McCartney family

East Belfast Alliance MLA Naomi Long has expressed her continuing support for the campaign by the family of Short Strand murder victim, Robert

McCartney, after attending a rally a vigil at Magennis, Bar in Belfast.

She called for justice for the McCartney family, and an end to on-going intimidation of the family and urged anyone with information about Robert’s murder to follow the family’s wishes and pass it on to the Police.

Cllr. Long said, “I felt that it was important for me and my colleagues to reaffirm our support for the family by attending today’s rally, particularly given recent events.

“I have seen at first hand how much this family is suffering. Despite this, the family have taken a courageous stand against intimidation. Not

satisfied with taking their brother, son and partner from them, there are individuals who would also try to rob this family of their right to justice and their reputation.

“Justice is the only basis on which we can build a peaceful future for all our people. I would again call for those with information to assist this family’s quest for justice by co-operating fully with the Police investigation.”


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