Cutting corners on hospital hygiene must be stopped – McCarthy

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said that administrators must stop cutting corners on health hygiene in our hospitals. His comments come after the Eastern Health and Social Services Council expressed concern at hygiene standards and facilities at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The Strangford MLA stated: “I have discussed this issue with the Eastern Health Council, and it is clear to me that they are concerned about hygiene standards in several hospitals. This is totally unacceptable. People are supposed to go to hospital to get better, not pick up some new ailment while they are in.

“There is a question over allocation of resources here. I would like to see more health service staff directly involved in ensuring hygiene is of first-class standard, rather than relying entirely on outside organizations. We must ensure that any work in any hospital carried out by

outsiders is fully quality assessed and reaches the highest possible level.

“This is yet another issue that dents public confidence in the Health Service and must be tackled immediately.”


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