Crackdown on junk food ads must be part of wider campaign to fight obesity

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has stated that plans to crackdown on junk food ads during TV programmes for under 16s must be part of an awareness campaign to fight obesity. He outlined the need for a wide-ranging campaign to fight obesity, which includes getting more children involved in sports, and teaching them about healthy eating. His comments come as Ofcom, the television regulator, today announced plans to ban junk food ads from appearing during children’s TV programmes

Strangford Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy said: “I welcome any measures which will tackle childhood obesity.

“However, a crackdown on junk food ads during children’s TV programmes will not solve the problem alone. We need a wide-ranging campaign to fight obesity which encourages children to get more involved in sport and to eat more healthily.

“We cannot combat obesity through gimmick policies. A coherent long-term strategy must be put in place which is run in partnership with local schools and sports clubs. This campaign must engage children and parents alike, because parents obviously play a massive role in shaping the lifestyle of their children.

“I am glad to see that schools are finally waking up to the need to provide healthy food and I believe schools should also be teaching children about the benefits of healthy living.”


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