Council team promote openness and transparency

The Alliance Party has continued to uphold openness and transparency on Belfast City Council, with all Councillors having submitted their declaration of interest forms for 2015.

Placing increased transparency at the centre of everything they do, the group revealed all Alliance Councillors kept the forms up to date – as it emerged half of Belfast City Councillors had failed to submit their declaration of interest forms last year.

Councillor Paula Bradshaw said: “Alliance has been leading the charge for greater openness and transparency on Belfast City Council, and yet has consistently faced opposition from other parties and Councillors.

“Allegations made in the media has again brought speculation on elected representatives for the wrong reasons, a move which is extremely disappointing.

“The Public’s faith in politicians is at an all-time low, which is why Alliance has been taking great strides to remove key decisions from behind closed doors, giving the City’s ratepayers greater access.

“Alliance ensured all council and committee meetings are audio recorded and will continue to uphold the highest standard of openness and transparency.

“I hope those who haven’t completed their declarations of interest forms will follow our lead and do so immediately.”

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