Council offices ‘our very own Millennium Dome’: Lawther

Alan Lawther, Alliance local council candidate for Antrim South East, has branded plans for new civic offices in Antrim as a ‘white elephant’.

Mr Lawther stated: ‘Antrim’s ratepayers faced the highest rates increase in Northern Ireland last year.

‘From this money, provision is being made for a “new civic building”, costing £6 million – nearly half the Council’s total budget! This is going on prior to the reorganization of local government, which could render

this new building a white elephant’

‘Alliance will oppose any attempt at building Antrim’s answer to the “Millennium Dome”, and instead spend rate payers’ money where it is really required – on the environment, road safety and improving existing office accommodation.

‘On 5 May, the people of Antrim will have the chance to say what they think is the better deal.’


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