“Only Alliance can stop water charges and regional rate hikes”: Alderdice

Only Alliance can deliver the political and financial package required to avoid water charges, regional rate hikes and tuition fees, claimed North Down candidate David Alderdice today.

Dr Alderdice stated: “We have heard a lot of bluster about how everyone opposes water charges and other forms of regressive taxation from other parties. What we have not heard, however, is how exactly they intend to finance public services without them.

“Under direct rule, water charges and regional rate rises will become a reality. This is the punishment for other parties, failure to reach agreement on devolution. For as long as we elect parties fundamentally incapable of governing our country on behalf of everyone, we will be hit by regressive taxation measures like these. People will have to give up holidays, cars, even homes.

“Other parties have already had their chance — they delivered political stagnation. Alliance will deliver political progress and — through the abolition of deliberately segregated social, educational and transport facilities — a financial package that removes the need for water charges, regional rate hikes and tuition fees.

“A vote for Alliance works — a vote for anyone else will cost.”


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