Council backs animal aid charter

At its monthly Council meeting, Castlereagh Borough Council agreed to a proposal from Castlereagh Central Alliance Councillor Michael Long to be supportive of Animal Aid’s Compassionate Charter. The Charter is aimed at improving the environment and improving animal welfare.

There are 8 aspects of the Charter including support for the use of cruelty-free toiletries and cleaning products, banning pets as prizes, promotion of spaying and neutering programmes, going fur-free, stopping the sale of foie gras and veal on Council premises, and adopting humane management of pigeons and other animals. In addition, it calls for the town to become a plastic bag-free zone and ban circuses with animals from Council land.

Cllr. Long said, “I believe that it is vital that organisations such as our Council take a lead in helping to protect the environment and improving conditions for animals and so I was happy to propose that the Council support the overall concept of the Charter. I hope that the Council can sign up to as many aspects of the Charter as possible- for example we already ban circuses with animals from Council land and Alliance wants to see an end to the use of plastic bags. Hopefully we can also adopt many of the other aspects of the charter and so promote improved animal welfare conditions and improve the environment.”


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