Cost of segregation cannot be ignored with budget cuts looming

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said that with massive cuts in our budget expected, the cost of segregation must be addressed. Around £1billion is wasted every year on maintaining a divided society in Northern Ireland.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Tackling to cost of segregation is the most sensible way to start balancing Northern Ireland ‘s books when the budget cuts come. Tough times are approaching and we need to be radical and positive in our thinking.

“Every effort must be made to protect vital frontline services. We need to make our public sector more efficient and we need to tackle the cost of division to do this.

“We need to see integrated and shared services so that money can be freed-up from maintaining segregated facilities. Moves towards more sharing and integration in particular in the education sector would greatly help in saving money.

“Around £1billion is wasted every year on maintaining segregation here. This is a phenomenal figure which if tackled could help safeguard vital health and other services against cuts.

“I want to see the Executive addressing the cost of segregation. It will be a long process but government must get started to ensure the most effective use of precious public finances.”


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