Concern expressed after masked men display

Alliance Justice spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has expressed concern after a number of masked men dressed up as IRA members while carrying replica weapons as part of a history tour.

The event, organised by the Spirit of Freedom Republican Flute Band, took place in the Bogside area this past weekend. It involved around half-a-dozen men clad in combat gear, balaclavas and berets, while wielding imitation weapons.

“Masked men in paramilitary uniforms have no place in modern society, whether a re-enactment or otherwise,” said Mr Lunn.

“Paramilitary displays are sinister and must be left in the past where they belong. The appearance of firearms, even imitation ones, is always concerning.

“If we want to build a united community which is welcoming for everyone, this type of activity should be seen for the unacceptable spectacle it is.”

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