Cochrane: Statutory agencies must work together to find answers on suspected drug deaths

Alliance East Belfast MLA Judith Cochrane has said all statutory agencies have a responsibility to work together to determine if a number of suspected drug deaths are related.

The MLA for East Belfast said the groups – including the PSNI and Health Department – must unite to provide real answers to on-going concerns over the recent deaths, still believed to be linked by the same drug.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “There are still no clear answers over these recent deaths. The concerns they are linked to the same drug remain in place and we must provide local people with real answers.

“It is the responsibility of all agencies to work together to ensure these concerns are answered. The Police, Forensic Science Agency and Health Department, backed up by the voluntary agencies on the ground, have the expertise to find out exactly what is going on and provide the worried public with real answers.

“The PSNI are continuing to tackle the drug problem across Northern Ireland and I was glad to hear arrests have increased, with nearly 2,800 made in the last year alone.

“My thoughts are also with the families of the deceased, they need the answers in order to grieve fully. To prevent other families suffering a similar loss with must remove drugs from our streets, especially these suspect tablets. I would appeal for anyone in possession of green, white or blue tablets to surrender them immediately, to allow the statutory agencies to begin to determine what we are dealing with.”

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