Cochrane keeps pressure on Assembly for progress on childcare strategy

Alliance East Belfast MLA Judith Cochrane has continued her party’s efforts to press for the implementation of an effective Childcare Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Speaking in the Assembly, Mrs Cochrane pushed Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness as to whether he thought it acceptable his Department was yet to deliver a “real, tangible” progress for parents.

“Children born at the start of this mandate started school last week. I don’t think it is acceptable their parents have been disadvantaged for four years and will continue to be due to the failure of OFMDFM to deliver action on affordable childcare, even when money has been allocated for it.

“The Executive’s draft strategy is currently out for consultation and I would encourage people to participate in it. It is vital we have a strong childcare strategy to give young people the best start possible.

“The correct support needs to be in place to help remove the disadvantages many parents currently face.”

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