Alliance slams cutbacks at recycling centres

Alliance has slammed Council cut back to Recycling centres, after a new policy has left ratepayers unable to gain access to them on the majority of bank holidays.

Councillor Scott Wilson raised concerns after the DUP and UUP failed to support an Alliance amendment aimed at keeping recycling centres open on bank holidays

“I find it very difficult to explain to residents that rates have increased across the constituency, yet ratepayers are losing out on first class local services,” he said.

“Last Monday, as on previous bank holidays, I regularly observed car after car filled with materials heading to the recycling centre at Balloo assuming it was open – only to be forced to turn around and make the journey another day.

“For many the bank holiday provides an ideal time to get rid of any unwanted items around their home and often is one of the only opportunities to make use of the local recycling centre.

“As a Council that is aiming to increase our recycling rate, we should be doing everything we can to encourage local residents to use the sites available, not making it more difficult or stressful for them. Instead, we allowed huge traffic jams to build as the centre struggled to cope with demand at other times across the week.

“While it was agreed in March, the implementation of this policy has made life more difficult for local people. I am not happy with the outcome and will continue, along with my party colleagues, to work with officers to find a new better solution and an end to closure on Bank Holidays.”

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