Cochrane: DVLA must correct NI vehicle taxing glitch

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Judith Cochrane, has said that the DVLA must urgently correct a glitch which has prevented some Northern Ireland drivers from taxing their vehicle. The DVLA has admitted that there is a problem with a number of vehicles following the transfer of Driver and Vehicle Agency services form Northern Ireland to Swansea.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “It is completely unacceptable that a number of vehicle owners in Northern Ireland are unable to drive their car because of a computer problem.

“If this issue cannot be urgently resolved, then the DVLA has a duty to find some sort of short term solution to allow drivers to use their vehicle.”

“The DVLA must also address other issues associated with taxing a car from Northern Ireland. For example, when I tried to tax my own car on Tuesday, I discovered another slight problem online. The system asks for a 16 digit reference number from your tax disc renewal letter (V11), however in Northern Ireland we receive a V11 (NI) form which has a 24 digit bar code number. It is possible to complete the process by using an 11 digit reference number from the vehicle registration certificate but the DVLA could make this more straightforward for drivers in Northern Ireland if they actually stated clearly on the website that V11(NI) forms do not have a relevant reference number.”

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