Clarke welcomes pledge to increase tourism at Dundrum Castle

Alliance South Down Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed support from the new Environment Minister as he continues his campaign to get floodlighting erected around Dundrum Castle.

The local Councillor has continued to lobby the Environment Department and Down District Council for the new lighting, arguing improving the site around the Castle is essential in improving tourism in the area.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I am pleased to reveal I have received a letter from Minister Durkan renewing his department’s commitment to improving the tourism potential of Dundrum Castle.

“For a long time now I have been fighting to have floodlighting installed in the grounds around the castle and am delighted to hear this will be completed this year – as the Minister puts it ‘the economic benefits outweigh the environmental issues’.

“Dundrum Castle has the potential to be a major tourist attraction in the area. Not only will the floodlighting get the go-ahead, but I must also welcome an update on the previously approved tourist centre – which should begin in 2014 – and the creation of a visibility wedge in the tree canopy adjacent to the Castle, allowing those travelling from the Clough area with a good view.

“A long time ago I recognised the potential Dundrum Castle can bring to the area, offering a fantastic opportunity to increase tourism and one that must be used to its full potential. I will be continuing to monitor these plans and look forward to them becoming a reality.”

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